Company Introduction

Bus company Linjaliikenne Kivistö Oy has offered compelling tours already over 80 years.

Today our company offers bus transport on regular and chartered routes as well taxi services in the regions of Forssa, Karkkila ,Vihti and  in Helsinki and around it. Our energetic personnel serve our customers in the most professional manner. We have altogether 20 busses that can be used transporting the regular route customers and groups  that has ordered the chartered bus.

No matter if your group is on a short tour in Finland or travelling  to a faraway place in a foreign country, we provide you with professional drivers and appropriate bus depending on the size of the group.

It is very important to us that our customers enjoy themselves when travelling with us. We hope to give them the best possible service! Welcome aboard!



The roots of our company can be found in Tammela, the heart of South-west Häme. It was late 1920’s when Mr. Arvi Aaltonen had started the bus transport business and he was also one of largest entrepreneurs in this field in the area.

Mr. Erkki Rauhaniemi bought from him the bus transport routes Forssa-Mustiala and Forssa-Teuro. When the Second World War started Erkki turned his bus into an ambulance as was the practise that time. On the 27th June 1944 during an air raid Erkki was wounded and he died few days later in the hospital because of his wounds. The bus was returned back home in really bad state.

Kerttu, Erkki’s wife carried on with bus company caring for their two sons Heikki and Jukka at the same time. The two sons grew up together with the bus company and worked there, or example at the age of about 10 years they worked as conductors. As soon as they were tall enough to reach the pedals of the bus they started to practise driving a bus.  So Heikki and Jukka literally grew into bus transport business.

In the mid 1970’s Jukka’s wife Leila started the travel agency business and founded Forssan Matkatoimisto Ltd. Because of this the winding roads of Europe became very familiar to the bus company. Bus tours were very popular until the beginning of the 1990’s when flying – a quicker way of travelling from one place to another took over from the long bus drives to the Central Europe.

By the end of the 1990’s the company has also a route from Hämeenlinna to Helsinki. At the same time also chartered bus services expanded to Helsinki region. In the beginning of 21st century our company all regular routes of two other bus companies and this way started to drive even more in the Helsinki and the region around it.



Starting as a sole entrepreneur business Linjaliikenne Kivistö is now the family owned company with 25 employees. Jukka and one of her daughters Reetta manage together the company today.

The world has changed enormously during the last 80 years and carries on changing the. The bus transport business faces its biggest challenge for many decades when markets will be opened to free competition. Behind this reform is the renewed Public Transport Act, based on the EU Statutory Regulation of Service Contract.

Regardless of the company management changes, development of buses, other equipment and technology, the basic things, such as transporting people and customer service have been, are now and will be in the future the key words in the strategy of our company.